Welcome to another late post of my 5 Minute Month video! June 2016 mostly consisted of getting to spend lots of time with my dogs, I got a very exciting early birthday present lots of other random stuff! June 2016 was also a sad month because my Grandma passed away after having cancer. I didn't reference that in the video because I didn't feel like I needed to. I want these videos to be something I look back on and smile and I'm always going to remember June 20th so it didn't need to be in the video aswell.

I've been making these videos for over 1 year now, so you can also watch June 2015!

To see more 5 Minute Month videos: click here!

Rest in peace Grandma, I love you :)

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5 Minute Month ~ June 2016

Last week, me and Jamie made fresh gnocci from scratch. If you don't know what gnocci is, it's basically potatoes turned into pasta! Anyway, I decided to film the process and make a little video out of it. If you're interested in the recipe we used: https://realfood.tesco.com/recipes/bacon-parsnip-and-chestnut-gnocchi.html, obviously we only used up until the bacon part because we made a cheese sauce instead!

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Homemade Gnocci

On 4th July 2016, I turned 25! So I decided I wanted to something fun and a bit crazy, and I got a tattoo. I've always liked tattoos on other people but I've never wanted to get one myself because I didn't know what or where I'd even want one, and I was worried they'd hurt too much!

However for some reason this year, it just came to me so I visited The Tattoo Studio in Afflecks palace on the Saturday 2nd July, and booked an appointment for the 5th. When I booked my appointment, I just showed them a photo of what I wanted on my phone, and they told me to email them the photo that night so that tattoo artist had time to draw it out.

On the day of my appointment, I had bring in some ID to prove my age and sign an agreement that basically says "I'm sure this is ok and legal!". I also had to fill out this little form that was asking questions like "when was the last time you ate?" because they want to make sure you're feeling alright before it starts, they do a good job of looking after you.

When I went into the tattoo room, I got seated on this bed thing they had, and the guy was asking if I'm nervous, from when I booked my appointment I was just really excited more than anything, but when I was finally sat in the room surrounded by all this weird looking tattoo stuff, I realised I was actually pretty nervous. But he knew it was my first tattoo and he did a good job of making me chill out and feel a bit more relaxed. He put the stencil on and asked me to look in the mirror to see if I liked where it was etc. I was happy with it so he got me to lie down and rest my arm on this bench thing. He asked if I was ready and then started with the outline. He kept asking if I was alright but mostly he was just asking random questions to keep my mind off what was happening. It actually didn't hurt like I was expecting it too. It just stings as it goes around, but because it takes so long to do, you actually get used to the feeling pretty quickly and then kinda zone out a bit. I spent most of the time there just talking about dogs. Obviously, it's different for the kind of tattoo and also the person. Mine was just on the inside of my forearm on the squishy part so it was ok. He told me that your ribs and feet hurt pretty bad. Also, there's not a lot of colouring in on mine, it was mostly outlines with bits of shading. But the guy ended up joking with me saying that I'll start to find that tissue hurts more than the needle, because you get used to the needle, but when they wipe away the excess ink, your arms really sensitive when they wipe it with the tissue.

The tattoo took an hour and a half to complete, and I was so happy with the end result. He put some cream on it and wrapped it up to keep it covered, and told me to wash the cream off when I get home and then just leave it. He said all I need to do is just wash it in the shower as normal just to keep it clean, but then apply some moisturiser on it after because the soap dries it out and you don't want it getting itchy. Then just go about your day as normal, don't keep messing with it, just keep it clean and moisturised and let it heal on it's own. I've had my tattoo for almost 2 weeks now and it's doing fine, I've not had any problems with it and I love how it looks!

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I got a tattoo!

Me and Jamie had fun making pancakes the other day!

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Making Pancakes

Hello, today I'm recapping the month of May 2016.

It was a busy month. I spent a lot of time at home looking after Bruno and Poppy while my mum was visiting my Grandma. I went to see Busted for the first time in 12 years! It was amazing, I wrote a blog post about it ;). Aswell as another little surprise gig at the end of the month, where we got to see The Tide for free! You can see all that and some other random stuff in this months 5 Minute Month video!

You can see more videos on my YouTube channel!

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5 Minute Month ~ May 2016

On Wednesday 8th June, we took Bruno and Poppy to the beach for the first time. They've never been before so we had no idea how they'd react. I imagined they'd get really excited and Poppy would bark at the waves.

We let them off their leads and they took off straight away, they ran towards the sea but then turned and just ran giant circles around us. When they first approached it they looked as if they were going to go in, but then stopped last minute. Instead they ran up and along the shore for a while, until Poppy was the first one to jump straight into the water. Bruno joined in and they had fun splashing around in the water.

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Bruno and Poppy Meet The Beach

This blog post is about 3 weeks overdue but I still wanted to do it anyway so I can look back on it. On the 29th of May 2016, me and my friend Sian went to see The Tide do a small gig at Sound Control in Manchester. We'd seen them earlier on in the year when they supported The Vamps on their Manchester tour, however this was a small, free gig so it was first come first serve with the tickets.

We arrived at 12 and the show was due to start at 2pm, but they didn't let us in until about half past, so we had a bit longer to wait in the queue, luckily we had Snapchat to keep us entertained.

When we finally got inside, we decided to grab a drink while we waited for the support band, New Hope Club.

New Hope Club
They only played 3 songs, since it was just a short gig, so then it was finally time for The Tide. I made a little video of the night!

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The Tide Fanfest

On Tuesday 17th May 2016, I saw Busted live for the first time in 12 years! So obviously, I had to share the experience!

It started in 2002 when this song came out:

I hadn't been that obsessed with a band since The Spice Girls!

2 years and 2 Busted albums later, my dad got me a ticket to see them live.

The tour was called A Ticket For Everyone, after their 2nd album, A Present For Everyone. Little I did I know, Busted would split up a year later. No more tours, no more albums.  This made 13 year old me very sad, but Charlie had left the band and Busted decided not to go on without him.

I got a Busted cake for my 13th birthday! 
However, by some miracle, in 2015, Busted announced that Charlie is back and they're ready to go back on tour again! So on the 13th of November 2015, me and my friend booked tickets to see Busted! (I remember because it was the first thing I bought with my first pay check from the studio).

6 months later, the time came for us to make our way to Sheffield to go and see Busted! It couldn't have been a better night. A few days before the concert, I got an email saying our seats need to be relocated due to "production requirements", so when we went to get our new tickets, we found that we'd been relocated from the back of the arena in the upper tier, to the lower tier, right next to the stage! Thank you Sheffield! Here a few of my favourite photos from the night, along with a video of all the best bits!

Our faces when we saw how close our new seats were
The people in front gave us glowsticks
Busted were supported by Emma Blackery and Wheatus, #teenagedirtbag
Pigs Can Fly.. it's the name of the tour
The B Stage
Charlie's back!
I didn't want the show to end

See you next year Busted! (I hope..)

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Busted, 12 years later

Only 40 more cups left! Let's recap cups 51- 60.

Hello Bruno and Poppy!

Harry Potter!

These ones are a bit old!

This ones from when I worked at the studio.

I'm so happy Busted are back!

Production meeting at the studio.

57/58 - Somehow I jumped ahead one..

RIP Alan Rickman :(

I decided to take the numbers off.

I hope you enjoyed this recap, which one was your favourite?? Don't forget, you can join in on Instagram using the hashtag #100cupsoftea!

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100 Cups of Tea: Cups 51 - 60

In March 2015, I started a video project called 5 Minute Month, where I would film a few seconds of each day and compile them into monthly videos. It's just been over a year now since I started making them, and it feels weird to have 1 year of my life on video. In that year I adopted a dog, started a new job, adopted another dog, moved out of my house, left that job, and moved out again! None of that stuff was planned before I started making these videos but I'm happy that I managed to capture it all and makes me wonder what could happen in the next 12 months!

I've made a 5 Minute Month playlist, so you can watch the first year here:

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