The Tide Tour & 100 YouTube Videos!

I realised I never made a blog post about The Tide Tour 2 weeks ago, but the video I posted from it was my 100th YouTube video so I feel like I have to do a blog post about it!

This YouTube channel, katyafilms, was started on 27th May 2013, however it's not my first YouTube channel. I joined YouTube back in 2007, I made my first account, just called kat_04071991 (catchy), in 2008 but I never uploaded any videos, it was just so I could subscribe to channels and see the latest videos from people I liked. I began uploading videos in 2009 when I started my film and tv BTEC, with a new channel I'd made called katyaowu.

 I was making short films and music videos for my college course, so I used YouTube as way of easily sending videos to my tutors. I was using YouTube a lot more at this point so I started uploading other videos, mostly videos from concerts I went to, family holidays, etc. I didn't have a camera or a camera phone at this time (I had an iPhone 3G that didn't record video!), so I was borrowing my dad or my mums digital cameras. 

I got a flip camera for christmas 2009, and I started filming regularly. This is when I started my 3rd YouTube channel, Katsflip, I went on a college trip in February 2010 and vlogged it with my friends on my flip camera. I had a few videos on that channel, but in around 2011, I decided I didn't like the name 'Katsflip', so I made a new account called katyaplaces. I chose this name because most of my videos where travel videos from family holidays and random trips out and about.

Finally, in 2013, I decided I didn't like the name katyaplaces because it was too restricting and I wanted to upload other videos, so I chose the name katyafilms. One thing that's always bugged me about YouTube is that even when you close an account, you can't reuse the username, because I'd love for my channel just to be called katyaowu now! Plus, I wish I still had some of the old videos from all of those channels!

Anyway, the point of this blog post is that I've recently posted my 100th YouTube video! It's from a gig I went to 2 weeks ago with my friend, and I wanted to share it today. (better late than never). I was going to include some photos to this blog post, but I didn't anticipate the post being this long, so if you want to see some photos, click here!

Thanks for reading!

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