The Tide Fanfest

This blog post is about 3 weeks overdue but I still wanted to do it anyway so I can look back on it. On the 29th of May 2016, me and my friend Sian went to see The Tide do a small gig at Sound Control in Manchester. We'd seen them earlier on in the year when they supported The Vamps on their Manchester tour, however this was a small, free gig so it was first come first serve with the tickets.

We arrived at 12 and the show was due to start at 2pm, but they didn't let us in until about half past, so we had a bit longer to wait in the queue, luckily we had Snapchat to keep us entertained.

When we finally got inside, we decided to grab a drink while we waited for the support band, New Hope Club.

New Hope Club
They only played 3 songs, since it was just a short gig, so then it was finally time for The Tide. I made a little video of the night!

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