Busted, 12 years later

On Tuesday 17th May 2016, I saw Busted live for the first time in 12 years! So obviously, I had to share the experience!

It started in 2002 when this song came out:

I hadn't been that obsessed with a band since The Spice Girls!

2 years and 2 Busted albums later, my dad got me a ticket to see them live.

The tour was called A Ticket For Everyone, after their 2nd album, A Present For Everyone. Little I did I know, Busted would split up a year later. No more tours, no more albums.  This made 13 year old me very sad, but Charlie had left the band and Busted decided not to go on without him.

I got a Busted cake for my 13th birthday! 
However, by some miracle, in 2015, Busted announced that Charlie is back and they're ready to go back on tour again! So on the 13th of November 2015, me and my friend booked tickets to see Busted! (I remember because it was the first thing I bought with my first pay check from the studio).

6 months later, the time came for us to make our way to Sheffield to go and see Busted! It couldn't have been a better night. A few days before the concert, I got an email saying our seats need to be relocated due to "production requirements", so when we went to get our new tickets, we found that we'd been relocated from the back of the arena in the upper tier, to the lower tier, right next to the stage! Thank you Sheffield! Here a few of my favourite photos from the night, along with a video of all the best bits!

Our faces when we saw how close our new seats were
The people in front gave us glowsticks
Busted were supported by Emma Blackery and Wheatus, #teenagedirtbag
Pigs Can Fly.. it's the name of the tour
The B Stage
Charlie's back!
I didn't want the show to end

See you next year Busted! (I hope..)

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