Film Review: The Martian

Yesterday, me, my dad and my brother went to see The Martian so I wanted to talk about it today.

The Martian is about one astronaught who gets left behind on Mars after his crew had to leave the planet in an emergency. The crew think he's dead so the astronaught is left to figure out how to survive on Mars long enough until he can get home.

I loved this film! It was so intense and action packed all the way through, right from the beginning. However, one thing I was not expecting was for it to be as funny as it was! There was a lot of hilarious characters in the film, so it broke up the drama really nicely. We watched in 3D, although it wasn't IMAX which is quite weird, but it was still a great experience, definitely a film worth watching in the cinema! I really enjoy sci- fi films in general, but I feel like you don't really need to be into sic-fi to enjoy this film because even though it is very sciencey, it's got enough action and drama and comedy, to make anyone enjoy it!

If you've seen The Martian, let me know what you thought! To see more reviews, check out Film Fanatic.

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