Apple News UK Release!

Apple News was released in the UK today with the iOS 9.1 update and I've had some time to check it out so I thought I'd share it on my blog!

So this is how the app looks when you open it for the first time. It welcomes you to the app and then shows you some newspapers and magazines that are featured in the app, to help you get started.

It also shows you some topics you can subscribe to aswell actual magazines and newspapers.

When you click continue, it takes you to brand new news feed, it's like most RSS feeds, it has all your subscriptions laid out so you can easily browse through them all. 

Midway through the feed, it also shows you some suggestions of other articles you may be interested in. The more you read and use the app, the more personalised it will become. 

 If you don't want to browse through all the stories, you can click on the favourites tab to choose which channels you want to see individually.

Next, you have the explore tab which just helps you to find more content to read, again the more you use the app, the more personalised the suggestions will be.

You can also browse more specially through different categories.

Next, you have you search. It looks a lot like the app store and iTunes store search, it shows you some suggestions to help you find content.

Finally, you have your saved tab. Whenever you save an article, maybe to read later or to show a friend, you can save it and all your saved articles will be easy to find in this one place. It also has a history tab too so you can find all your previously read articles.

And that is the new News app that Apple finally released in the UK today! Let me know what you think of the app? Have you tried it yet?

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