Another new family member!

So if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that we recently adopted another dog, named Poppy! She is 2 year old staffie cross, just like Bruno! She came home on October 3rd, its been a week since then and it it's safe to say that she's definitely staying, I thought I'd officially introduce you today!

So as I mentioned, her name is Poppy, she's 2 years old, just a few months younger than Bruno. She's a staffie cross, they're not sure what exactly she's crossed with but the RSPCA did say that she has some similar personality features to a border collie, but her face and ears also a look a bit like a french bulldog, so she could be anything!

We took Bruno to meet her a couple of weeks before we adopted her and they seemed okay, but you don't know how they'll really get along until they're both at home together. There was a couple of fights on the first day, and one the following morning, but nothing since then. They've been getting along so well and their getting closer everyday. They've been sleeping in the same room, sometimes even in the same bed, they share their toys and they walk nicely together on a split lead. They both have friendly personalities anyway so together they just fine!

At the moment, she barks a lot in the house whenever she hears a noise, it's only been a week though so she's still getting used to everything.

Today we let her off the lead for the first time, we waited 4 weeks with Bruno, but we decided that we didn't need to wait that long with Poppy because she has Bruno and she follows him.

I can't wait to share more of Poppy and Bruno's adventures together! I made an Instagram account for them that you can see here! To read about Bruno's adoption story, click here!

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