100 Cups of Tea: Cups 41 - 50

I am officially half way through the 100 cups of tea challenge and today I have another recap of my latest photos!

Time for tea!

This was my first ever Dunkin Donut! 

I took this after booking tickets to see 5 Seconds of Summer with my friend Sian, before I took a train to Stoke to visit her!

Unfortunately I came down with a cold while I was in Stoke, so this was a lemsip tea to make myself feel better! 

Harry Potter in bed! I'm having so much fun rereading this book.

Starbucks in town on my way home from a job interview! Hopefully I'll be able to talk about it soon :)

Back To The Future day! 

I love fridge magnets.

From underneath.

This was on the day 5 Seconds of Summer's new album came out, I had it on repeat all day!

I hope you enjoyed this recap, which one was your favourite?? Don't forget, you can join in on Instagram using the hashtag #100cupsoftea!

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