Experimenting with Instagram

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite apps, Instagram. I read an article recently about different ways to improve your Instagram and make it look more interesting, and there was one point that really stood out to me. It suggested choosing a colour scheme and editing all your photos in a similar way, so your Instagram profile has a theme, instead of a mismatch of colours everywhere. So I decided that I want to try this out on my own Instagram, each month I'm going to choose a colour that will be the focus point of each photo, and I will edit my photos in the same way, just to see what difference it makes on my Instagram profile. This month I've chosen the colour black, just because I thought it would be an easy colour to start with, and then next month I was thinking of an orange theme for Halloween, and maybe red for December (I'm not sure about November yet!). I thought it would be a fun experiment for myself but feel free to play along with me and try it out on your Instagram photos!

To give you an example, here's some photos from before I started it, where I was editing each photo randomly:

And here's how it's looking recently since I've started editing all my photos the same way, and tried to incorporate the colour black into all my photos:

I think it's starting to look better already, and hopefully with a different colour each month, it will be a really fun experiment! Let me know what you think, how do you like to edit your Instagram photos??

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