Checking out the new iPhones!

Over the weekend, my dad and I went to the Apple Store to see the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that came out on Friday.

In terms of the physical appearance, the phone looks exactly the same as the 6 and 6 Plus, just like the 5 and the 5s. I was excited to see how the new Rose Gold colour looked in real life though.

It looks really nice, it definitely looks more pink than rose gold but it doesn't look as pink as I thought it did in the advert, but it still looks really nice! I checked out some of the new features, I mostly excited about the 4K video which looked really amazing and the live photos too, which are really cool! Another big thing about the new iPhones is the new 3D Touch, which if you have an Apple Watch, it's basically the same as Force Touch, where you press down on an app longer than usual, and you get lots of different shortcuts depending on what the app is.

After we had a look at the new phones, we also saw the new Apple Watch straps!

The Product (RED) strap is SO NICE! 

Finally, we went to see the iPad's. I wanted to have a look at how the iOS 9 split screen works (as I have an older iPad so I don't have it). It looks really cool though.

Oh, and we also saw the new iPad Mini 4, which is just an upgraded version of the Mini.

Overall, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are really nice phones, I like the Rose Gold (pink) colour and I still prefer the size of the 6s to the 6s Plus! The next product I'm excited to look at though is the iPad Pro! I don't think that comes out until November though, so until then, you can check out more technology blog posts HERE!

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