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Another Apple Live Event took place on Wednesday so I just wanted to do a blog post talking about the new products and features that were revealed!

So the first big announcement was the release date of Watch OS2 on September 16th and some NEW WATCHES!! All features are the same, they've just revealed some new colours of watches and new coloured bands, that you can mix and match and just look really awesome! There's so many new colours, including a Product (RED) one which is my new favourite!

You can see all the new colours on Apple's website and they also made a new video too:

The next announcement was the iPad Pro!

This is the new addition to the iPad lineup and it's the most powerful so far. Firstly, it's huge! The height of the iPad Air is the same width as the iPad Pro! It's 12.9 inches and only 1.57 pounds! It's got 5.6 MILLION pixels and the ability to edit 4K video! It's a very impressive tablet, it looks just as cool as the other iPads, just bigger! Check out Apple's website to read about it in full, they also made these videos too!

Next big announcement was Apple TV! Apple have completely redesigned their Apple TV, they are making it a lot more like iOS with the introduction of apps and even the way it works with Siri. It looks really great, I love the way Apple are integrating all their products even more so they work seamlessly.

Ok! So then came the thing that everyone was looking forward to the most! The new iPhones! So thee new iPhones are called the 6S and the 6SPlus, which everyone was expecting them to be called but I was hoping it would be called iPhone 7! But the Phone itself isn't physically different, apart from a new Rose Gold colour option! (Which I'm just calling Pink).

Although there is no physical difference, there are a lot of new internal features that are very exciting! The main one is the new 3D touch technology. If you have an Apple Watch, you'll know that as well as tapping on the screen, you can force touch (which is like a longer tap) to bring up more options, well on the new 6S, you can tap and hold on apps, messages, notifications to bring up new shortcuts and options to interact with!

There are a ton of other new features including, Live Photos, which is basically like Gifs but with a sound clip too! The camera has been upgraded to 12 MP and you can now shoot 4K VIDEOS!! (Which is what I'm most excited about!!).

So that is just a quick overview of some of the new products released at this weeks keynote, I just wanted to share what I was most excited about, if you want to see or just read about the keynote and all the new products: check out Apple's Website!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you enjoyed about the keynote and what your favourite annoucements were!

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