Adopting another dog!

You may remember back in March, we adopted a dog named Bruno. It was our first time going the through the whole adoption process, so I wanted to write about the experience. It's been 6 months since then and Bruno has settled in so well. One thing we've noticed about him is that he is very friendly and playful, and he loves other dogs. Whenever we go out on a walk, he's always looking for other dogs to play with. As much as he loves people, it's not the same as when he's with other dogs. So, we've decided to adopt another dog and just like last time, I wanted to write about the experience.

Obviously, since we got Bruno from the RSPCA, we went straight back there and had a look at what dogs they had available. There was a dog available from the Macclesfield branch where we got Bruno, I had my eye on her for a while but I wasn't the only one, when I contacted the branch, she already had a few visitors lined up to see her. They said they'd let me know if anything falls through with her, in the meantime, we continued looking at dogs, and found a dog named Poppy, at the Craven and Wharfdale branch. She's a 2 year old staffie cross, just like Bruno. She's very friendly, she's only been there for a few weeks but she seemed like the right dog. We arranged a visit and drove down to meet her, with Bruno, on Saturday. When they first met, there was a bit of snapping at each other, just because they were on their leads, Bruno always feels a bit defensive when he's on his lead so he likes to act a bit tough! But we took them on a walk together and they were completely fine, at first, Bruno was more interested in the new surroundings, the sheep in particular, but then they were walking happily next to each other, side by side. The normal RSPCA visit procedure is that you take the dog into an enclosure, where they can have a run around and play with them, unfortunately Poppy was still in season so they said that might not be the best idea right now. Instead, we went into a spare stable that had been set up as a little dog den, where we could sit down and talk and they could be off the lead for a while. There was a bit of fighting at first, nothing serious they were just having a growly stand off! They settled down though and Poppy was more interested in sitting on the sofa and being cuddled, while Bruno had a sniff around the room. The room was too small for them to really play, but Poppy did go over to Bruno and let him have a sniff and check her out, and they started get more comfortable with each other.

The difference between adopting a dog and adopting a second dog, is that with one dog, you just have to make sure they're happy and comfortable with you. But when you're adopting another dog, you don't know how they're going to feel about having another dog around. It's different when you're out on a walk and in a field, but when all of a sudden, he's not the only dog anymore, you don't know how he's going to feel or react! So, we really liked Poppy, and we think that the 2 dogs will be really nice together, but we don't know until we take her home! We've decided to adopt Poppy, so we will be taking her home on Saturday morning! Hopefully, the dogs will continue to get used to each other and learn to live together and learn to share! It's going to be a crazy few weeks, but I will continue to share the experience! I will share some photos of Poppy and Bruno next week when she comes home!

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