100 Cups of Tea: Cups 11 - 20

Welcome to the latest photos in the 100 cups of tea challenge! Today I wanted to share the next 10 photos in my 100 cups of tea challenge! If you missed the first 10, see them here, or to read about the challenge, click here!

I've been using an app called Afterlight a lot recently to put dust effects over my photos, I love how it looks! It's like holding a physical photograph.

This was a fun day!! I took this photo at 8.30am while I was sitting on the floor outside Waterstones waiting for Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter for their book signing of their new book, The Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed! I LOVE McFly so I was so excited to meet Tom & Dougie again!

I used the dust effects again on this one!

My friend Pip got me this cup for my birthday a few years ago (I think my 20th or 21st). It's one of those cups where it's all black but then when you add hot water the image appears.

An exciting thing that happened on Instagram recently was that they added landscape and portrait photos! So this is the first non-square photo in my tea challenge!

McDonald's on the go!

My first landscape photo. I decided to stop using the little cup icons and just put numbers on the photos, I just think it looks nicer!

Bed, book and big socks!

Tea and tech!

Marshall amp!

I hope you enjoyed this post! To see more about the 100 cups of tea challenge click here! Or if you want to play along on Instagram, use the hashtag #100cupsoftea so I can see your photos!

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