Fandom Fashion: Merida

Fandom Fashion: Merdia by Katya Owu on Polyvore

Almost a month ago, I did my first ever Fandom Fashion post, I really enjoyed making it but I haven't done one since, so I thought today I'd do another! My dad and I are still working through our Pixar marathon and Brave is the latest film in our line up so I thought I would do an outfit inspired by the main character, Merida. I love the colour of her dress so I wanted to match it with a kind of dress I would wear and I had to pair it with the scarf just to capture the orange! Also, I'm still getting used to using Polyvore so hopefully these posts will get better over time!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit! Let me know what you think! If you missed the first Fandom Fashion, check it out here!

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