Apple Watch FAQ

So I've had my Apple Watch for a little over 2 months now and I've been getting all sorts of questions about it, so I thought today I'd answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Apple Watch!

1. Is it worth the money
This is kind of a difficult question to answer because there a few different models of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport is the cheapest model. All of the different models are exactly the same, none of them have any extra features that the others don't do, literally the only thing you're paying for is the material. So you need to think about what you're using it for. The Apple Watch is not a stand alone product, it's an accessory to the iPhone so that's something to bear in mind. If you don't have an iPhone then it's absolutely not worth the money! If it's just the Watch and the features you're interested in then the Apple Watch Sport is definitely worth the price, but the sterling silver, the leather or the rose gold watch are not worth the price in my opinion, unless it's the fashion aspect that you're interested in.

2. What's the battery life life?
The battery life is actually really good! On a full charge, it will last me all day. I mostly use it for tracking my dog walks and my workouts, and reading my notifications throughout the day. By around 11pm it still has around 30/40% battery life left! It could last around a day and a half but I put it on charge overnight anyway.

3. What does it actually do?!
So as I mentioned earlier, it's not a stand alone product so you do need to have it paired up with the iPhone in order for it to work. But once it's connected, you can use it to browse Twitter, Instagram, see news headlines, track workouts, see texts and phone calls, and of course, it tells time!

4. What do you use it for most?
I use it for tracking my workouts and dog walks, and also looking at my texts and notifications when I don't have instant access to my phone.

6. Do you need your iPhone all the time?
This depends on what you want to use it for. If you want your notifications and internet access, then yes you need your phone. But if you wanted to go for a walk or a run and not bring your phone, you can start the workout on your watch and it will sync up with your phone when you get home.

7. Does it drain iPhone battery?
I don't THINK so. This one is hard to answer because my iPhone battery doesn't last long anyway but I don't think it's the watch though!

8. Is it comfy?
Yes! Sometimes I get into bed and forget I'm wearing it so I have to get up again and go put it on charge! The Sport band is very light and soft so it's really comfy to wear all day.

9. What's the 38mm size like?
This is the smaller size out of the 2 options, some people say they prefer the 42mm but I actually really like the 38mm. I don't think it's too small, it's just personal preference!

10. Best apps?
The built in workout app is great for tracking your activity. I also like Twitter, Instagram and BBC News!

So they were my most frequently asked questions about the Apple Watch, I hope this answered some of your questions! If there's still stuff you'd like to know about it, ask me in the comments below :)

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