100 Cups of Tea

I posted a photo on Instagram yesterday about a new photo challenge I've decided to take part in, called #100cupsoftea. This is actually a photo challenge inspired by Megan from TheNerdyGirlie who is documenting 100 cups of coffee on her Instagram and Alice from Exquisitely Geek who is also documenting 100 cups of tea on her Instagram. So, I decided to join in and do my own British version! The idea is to take 100 creative photos of a cuppa tea or coffee and thats it! It's a lot more fun than I'm making it sound, if you want read the origin, check out Megan's blog post! I posted my first photo on Instagram yesterday so the challenge has already started so if you want to join in too, make sure tag us on Instagram so we can see! (@thenerdygirlie@geeksevenoften and @katyaowu). Megan has also been doing a photo recap on her blog every so often, so I will also be doing that on my blog just so people can understand what's going on on my Instagram!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let us know if you decide to join in too!

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