What I Wore To Manchester Comic Con

I've been getting some comments about the dress I wore to Manchester Comic Con on Saturday, so I thought I would do a blog post about the outfit I wore!

Since we'd be walking around all day, I obviously wanted to wear something comfy. I got this dress from a shop called Pulp in Manchester. It's a nice thin material, so even with long sleeves it's nice and cool. It's a very casual style dress so it was really comfy, also I mostly chose it for the really awesome marvel design! 

Definitely very appropriate for Comic Con! For shoes, I went with the most comfy pair of shoes I own, my Skechers! They are extremely lightweight and have memory foam insoles so they are the perfect pair of shoes for walking around in!

Obviously, the weather here is completely hit and miss so I wore tights just incase, but it ended up being a nice warm day anyway! But that is a basic overview of my Comic Con outfit for this year.  What is your go to convention outfit??

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