What I Learnt from my first Manchester Comic Con

This is the final Comic Con post for 2015! I really enjoyed my first ever Comic Con experience, so today, I thought I would end it by sharing what I learnt because it could help you for your first convention!

1. Wear comfy shoes
At Comic Con, you're going to be walking around A LOT. Pretty much all day we were on our feet, apart from when we went to have lunch so wearing comfy shoes is a must!

2. Get there nice and early
Whether you've got priority tickets or general admission, you want to get there way before the doors opening time. Priority entrance on Saturday was at 9am, we got there around 8.30 and there was already a ton of people. Luckily we made in before general admission though but you still don't want to underestimate how many people will turn up! We only went for the one day. so we really wanted to make the most of it. Getting there nice and early is great so you can have more time inside to look around before it's gets crowded!

3. Book tickets in advance
Just like any event, you want to have your tickets booked in advance so you don't have to worry about them selling out, especially if your going with a group! We had our tickets since January!

4. Bring cash
A lot of the booths don't take card, some do but the majority take cash. They do have cash machines inside but the queue was SO LONG! My advice is to bring cash with you and then if you go to a booth that does take card payments, use it so that you can save your cash for the other booths!

5. If you see something you like, buy it!
If you really like something, don't wait until you see something else, just get it, chances are it will be very difficult to find it again and it may even be sold out! So get it while you can!

6. Plan what you're going to eat
If you plan on staying there the whole day, your going to get hungry! We had originally planned to go out for lunch, we thought it would be nice just to get out of the convention centre for a bit. However, we would have to join the re-entry queue which was just as long as the original queue to get in! So instead we got hot dogs from one of the food stands inside. So make sure you bring some money for food so you don't have to queue up twice, or you can even bring some snacks with you to eat throughout the day. (Also, some booths have free snacks too! We got some popcorn from the Cineworld booth!)

7. Prioritise what you want to see
Find a schedule and make a list of everything you want to see. We walked past the Robots Live stage before the event started and it was empty, we went back to see it when it did start and it was so crowded we couldn't even see the stage. We had to stand on chairs! So when Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred had their interview at 2pm, we went and got our front row seats at like 1.30pm. Sitting on the floor for 30mins is actually nice when you've been walking around all morning!

And that is what I learnt from my first ever Comic Con! What are your convention tips??

I hope you enjoyed all of these Comic Con posts as much as I enjoyed sharing them! You can see all of the posts here on my Manchester Comic Con page! That's all the con posts for 2015, bring on next year!

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