What I Got From Manchester Comic Con 2015!

Manchester Comic Con is the best place to spend a lot of money! I love seeing what other people get from conventions and I got a whole bunch of really awesome stuff on Saturday that I thought I would show you today! As you'd expect, I got a lot of Harry Potter stuff so I'll go through those things first!

Harry Potter & Hermione Granger Pop Funko's

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Pop Funko's are so cute, I've never really had an interest in getting them though until they released the Harry Potter collection! They were 2 for £15 so I had to get Harry and I also chose Hermione because she's my fave!

Festival wristband

I've seen a lot of this style of wristbands around a lot recently. They some in HMV and I also got a 5 Seconds of Summer one when I saw them live back in June. When I saw a Harry Potter one I had to get it!

Deathly Hallows necklace

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I love this necklace! It was only £2!

Daily Prophet newspaper poster

There was this one booth at Comic Con that had loads of realistic fictional newspapers, with actual stories printed on them. You can't see it because  the text is too small in the photo, but there's an entire Harry Potter news story on the poster. They had marvel ones too and I also saw a Sherlock one. They're printed on really good quality paper too, the photo doesn't really do it justice!

Hogwarts tube station badge

This is so cute!! As soon as I saw it I had to get it!

So that is all the Harry Potter stuff I got at Comic Con! Now for the other things!

Jurassic World hat

There's actually a funny story behind this hat. So we saw that Cineworld had a booth set up with a sign advertising free popcorn, so we walked over to it and asked what we had to do to get free popcorn. The guys said that we just have to talk to them for a while about signing up for some cinema deals they had going on. While they were talking, I noticed a Jurassic World hat at the back of the booth. My dad noticed it too so before I had a chance to ask about it, he asked how much is the hat? The guy at the booth said the hat is part of a raffle prize, the money went to charity. Basically, you pay £1 and you have to pull a raffle ticket out of a box, if you get the number 1, 11 or 100, you get to choose a prize. So my dad put £1 in and pulled out a number, he got the number 74 or something. So then I had a go and pulled out the number 1, so I got the hat! Not bad for £1!

New York Post Iron Man newspaper

So this is the other newspaper print I got from the same booth as the Harry Potter one! We a debate over this one or a Time magazine one, but I really like this one!

Thorin Oakenshield Lonely Mountain keyring

This is so cool! It's actually a keying that I now have hanging on my bag.

Darth Vadar Instagram Selfie poster

I just love this!!

Comic Con T-shirt

Last but not least! Had to get a commemorative t-shirt with all of the dates on the back. I love all the robots too!

And that is everything I got from my first ever Comic Con! I'm pretty impressed with my little collection! What was your favourite thing?

What's the best thing you've ever bought at a convention??

If you missed the recap of Manchester Comic Con 2015, you can see it here!

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