4th-5th July 2015 Weekend Recap #3

It's time to recap another weekend! This weekend was actually my birthday, I turned 24 on Saturday! Last weekend we went down to Bristol, to drop my mum off at my grandparents house, and this weekend, we drove back up to pick her up. So that meant another long trip for Bruno. He's so good in the car though, he makes the journey nice and easy.

When we arrived in Bristol, Bruno was so excited to see Clara again. We took the dogs for a walk and came back to the house. They were a lot calmer than last week, they mostly just relaxed in the garden.

Since it was my birthday, my grandparents had some cake, so we all sat and had some red velvet!!

After having a little family catchup, we headed back to Manchester and had some McDonalds for dinner when we finally got home! Also, I was listening to Apple Music on the entire drive so I can definitely say that I am a fan of it! Sunday was another chill day. I took my camera out with Bruno in the evening and took lots of really cute photos of him!

And that is everything for my recap of this weekend! Let me know what fun things you did this weekend! 

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