Manchester Comic Con: What's In My Bag?!

Manchester Comic Con 2015, was my first ever Comic Con, so I had no idea what I would need to bring round with all day. I decided to keep it really simple and only take things I really needed, because if I was buying stuff anyway, I wouldn't want to be carrying too much. So here's a look at what was in my Comic Con bag!

I new I wanted to take a load of photos, so my camera was the first thing to go in my bag.

For getting lots of really cool video! I also took a spare battery just incase.

3. iPad
The idea behind this was if my phone died and I needed to message, I could use my iPad with wifi. I ended up not actually needing it though!

4. Tickets

5. Lip balm
I take that lip balm everywhere with me, it's actually a Revlon Lip Butter, I love it!

6. iPhone Charger
My iPhone battery has not been doing well lately so I knew I would need to bring this with me!

7. Coat
You never know when it's going to rain in Manchester so it's always best to have a coat just incase! And yes, this coat was actually in my bag! I can roll it up and fit's nicely.

And finally not pictured, I took some hand sanitiser and my iPhone!

So that's everything I took with me to Comic Con! What are some must haves in your Comic Con handbag??

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