Manchester Comic Con 2015

I am so excited to finally be sharing this blog post! This Saturday I went to my first ever Comic Con here in Manchester and it was an awesome day so I today I wanted to share all the best bits!

We had priority tickets, which meant that we were allowed in an hour before general admission. Priority entry was at 9am, so we were in town by 8.30 and it was already pretty busy by the time we got to Manchester Central. 

After about an hour of queuing, we finally got in at about 9.30. It was a really nice sunny day so standing outside was actually quite nice! Everyone was just arriving so you could feel the buzz of excitement and it was fun looking at everyones costumes as they arrived. 

The first couple of hours, the convention centre was actually not that busy, there was plenty of space to roam around and browse at the booths. As the day went on, it got a lot busier and it was gradually getting more difficult to get to booths. It was a really nice atmosphere though, nobody was pushing and shoving or getting all stressed out in the crowds, everyone was just doing their own thing and having a good time. There was around 10,000 people there in the end, which is nothing compared to San Diego but for Manchester it's a lot of people! 

One of the first things we stopped to see was Robots Live. If you've seen the old tv show Robot Wars, it was basically a live show of that! This was a really surreal thing because I used to watch Robot Wars as a kid when I was waiting for The Simpsons to come on, it was cool to see it in real life!

Another thing we got to see live was an interview with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Alred (the 7th Doctor and his companion, Ace). They did a really cool interview where they talked about their time on Doctor Who, and also a little bit of The Hobbit too.

Aside from Robots Live and Sylvester McCoy, the biggest thing at Comic Con was the cosplay! There was so many amazing/crazy and just generally awesome costumes wandering around the convention centre. I took some photos with some of my favourites!

It was such an awesome day, the convention was actually over the Saturday and the Sunday. I only went to the Saturday because it was my mums birthday on Sunday, but because we spent the entire day there on Saturday, by the time I got home, I didn't feel like we needed another day. We were able to go around all the booths, see lots of different things, have some food and buy lots of cool stuff all on that one day. Getting there early and making the most of it was definitely the best way to go! Also, we got extremelly lucky in terms of the weather too. On Saturday was beautiful sunshine, not too hot but nice and warm so there was a ton of people just hanging out outside too so it wasn't too cramped inside. Whereas on Sunday, it just rained all day so I'm glad we went when we did!!

Of course I made a video of my experience of the whole day, you can check that out here:

If you want to see the full interview with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred you can see that here:

I will do a separate blog post tomorrow to show you all of the fun things I got at Comic Con, there's a lot of cool stuff that I wanted to share on their own!

To see the full photo album of the day, check it out here!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!  Manchester Comic Con is a really fun experience and I definitely recommended it!

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