Film Review: Ted 2

Ted 2 came out in the UK yesterday, so last night I went to see it with my best friend, so I thought I'd share what I thought!

So this story continues from 6 months after Johnny (Mark Wahlberg), gets divorced and Ted is getting married to his girlfriend Tami-Lynn. One year later, Ted's marriage is not great, there's a lot of arguments and fights, so they decide that the best way to save their marriage is to have a baby. However, this causes a lot of controversy over whether or not Ted should be allowed to have a baby because he's not a human. So Ted has to fight for his human rights and not be classed as "property". I really enjoyed the film because it was completely different to the first one, it's all the same characters but just in a completely different situation, it wasn't just like they'd made the same film twice, which is what comedy sequels tend to be. The film was 2 hours, which for a comedy is quite long, however there was so many different things happening that by the time it ended, it didn't feel like I'd be sat there for 2 hours. It's got a really good balance between comedy, action, sad and serious. The cinema was completely full, everyone was laughing the whole way through, some jokes even got some applause. At the end of the film, it felt like I'd just watched a really long episode of Family Guy, it was everything you would expect from Seth MacFarlane (in a good way!). I definitely think it's worth a watch, it's not necessarily cinematic, although the opening sequence is pretty epic!

Have you seen Ted 2 yet (or have any plans to)? Let me know your thoughts!
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