Fandom Friday: Five Fictional Vehicles I'd Love To Travel In

I was so excited about this theme! Out of all my favourite films, there's always something I wish was real! So I've rounded up my top 5 vehicles I'd love to travel in!

1. Knight Bus

So this is the closest I've come to travelling in the Knight Bus! This is an actual Knight Bus from the film at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden... However, I would actually love travel in it for real of course!

2. The Hogwarts Express

That Platform 9 3/4 photo was taken at Kings Cross back in 2011. I would love to go on the actual train though!! You can see the real thing at the Harry Potter Studio Tour (it wasn't there when I went though!) and I think they have one in Orlando too that's a ride so I'd love to see it!!

3. Tardis

Preferably this one!!

4. Jurassic World Ball Thing

These were so cool! I'd love to travel around in one of these!

5. The Delorean

This is a classic, I had to include it!

And that is everything for this weeks Fandom Friday! What are your top 5 vehicles you'd love to travel in?

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