Fandom Friday: Five Fictional Pets I'd Like To Adopt - Via Sara Richey

Welcome to another Fandom Friday! It's another fun theme this week, all about fictional pets! I didn't realise how difficult this one would be as there were so many to choose from! But here are my top 5!


I know it's a bit too late for this but I would love my own Hedwig!

2. Stitch

What even is Stitch?! I don't know but I love him!

3. K-9

A robot dog? Yes!

4. Ghost

There's guy who walks his dog in the same field I walk Bruno, and he has a dog that's actually related to Ghost from Game of Thrones. The actual breed is called Northern Inuit, and my dog loves her so it would definitely work out!

5. Salem

Salem is the best talking cat ever!

That's everything for this week's Fandom Friday! Which fictional pets would you like to adopt??

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