Book Review: A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle

So on Saturday, I finished reading A Study in Scarlet so I wanted to talk about it today! After I read A Scandal in Bohemia a while back, I decided I wanted to start reading through all the Sherlock Holmes books in order, and A Study In Scarlett was the first book!

So, in A Study in Scarlet, Watson meets Sherlock for the first time and solve their first crime together. A man is found dead in a building and it's up to Sherlock to find who out who he is and who killed him. If you've seen the tv show, it's the original story behind the Study in Pink episode. I saw the show before I read this book, so it was really cool to see how it has been adapted from the book and it actually goes to how faithful the tv show is to the book, because even though it's completely modernised, the story is still completely the same, only some of the small details have been changed just to fit in the modern world. I also loved seeing all of the origin stories of all the characters, and the origin stories of some of the references. For example, Sherlock explains his mind palace in detail, only in the book it's called his brain attack! So, even though I already knew this story and what happened, it was still really fun to read and compare. The next book is A Sign of Four, which on the tv show is A Sign of Three, and it's in season 3, so I'm excited to see how that's changed!

Have you read A Study in Scarlet?? Let me know what you thought!

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