Book Review: I, Justine by Justine Ezarik

So this is a book review that I actually cannot believe I'm writing! I, Justine is a book written by my all time favourite YouTuber, iJustine. Her iJustine channel was the first channel I ever subscribed to, way back in 2007. She makes technology related videos, among other random stuff like blogs etc, but she got started in the tech world. Her channel name, iJustine, was inspired by the first iPod! She's really into technology, social media and she's crazy about Apple so I love her! I've obviously subscribed to so many more channels since hers, but over the years my YouTube viewing habits have changed a lot too. I've also unsubscribed to lots of people and subscribed to lots of new people, just based on my interests at the time. However, iJustine is one of the channels that I've always stayed with and it's because she's the only one that I feel like I can relate to on a personal level. She was actually the reason I joined Instagram, after she shared a photo she posted on Instagram, I immediately wanted the app!

She was also the reason I downloaded the app Vine, which I saw when she posted a "What's On My iPhone" video on YouTube. (also part of the reason I did this). 

So yeah, when I saw that she was writing a book, I was very excited about it! A lot of YouTubers have been releasing books recently, but this was the only one I really wanted to read, and it came out in time for my birthday so it was perfect! I finished reading the book last night and I loved it. I probably have a biased opinion because I love her videos, but the main reason I  enjoyed this book was because the first thing I thought when she announced it, was how can someone who posts so much of her life online, and has done for many years, have anything to say in a book that people just don't already know! Well actually, there's a lot! She gets really personal in this book because the internet can be a horrible place sometimes, with how easy it is to be completely anonymous and say whatever you want to someone you'll probably never meet, and assume that your comments won't even get read or have any effect on the person reading them. There are some really crazy stories in this book that have been consequences of doing so much stuff online! There's also a lot of sad stories too, she was growing up and doing all this technology/social media stuff when it was all very new and a lot of people just didn't understand what it was. Being a "YouTuber" just wasn't a thing yet. Even today, people still see YouTube as a place to go and watch viral videos, but so many people have made there entire livelihoods on YouTube and it's a full time career. It's a really weird and difficult thing to explain to people who don't understand. Mainstream media (film & TV)  are starting to catch up and use YouTube too but they will always be so far behind the people on YouTube. The thing with films and TV shows is that they are all produced, with studios and scripts and it's all a big production, whereas with YouTube, it's just people at home with their cameras, sitting in their living rooms or their bedrooms filming, talking to the camera, playing games, filming around their local towns. It's real people and it's the same kind of people who are watching too, just in their living rooms and in their bedrooms. So yeah, being a full time "YouTuber" has given Justine a really interesting and eventful life so far and it was fascinating to read, going all the way back to the beginning all the way up to how she got to where she is today. It was also really nostalgic too, another way I feel like I really relate to her is when she was talking about MySpace. MySpace was a huge part of my life growing up too, most of my friends from outside school, I'd met on MySpace! Most of them I don't see anymore, some are on FaceBook but I have one friend, Sian, who I met on MySpace so long ago, before Twitter and FaceBook, over a shared love of the band McFly! We first met in real life to go to a McFly signing, and then some concerts but she is my only MySpace friend that I'm still friends with in real life! We actually went to a concert last month!! Also, in the book, iJustine talks about making websites, she said she would make a fake website to practice the code on and make changes on so she didn't mess up her actual website, and then when she was happy with the changes, copy it across, and that is something that I do on my blog! Whenever I do any adjustments, whether I'm re-doing my layout or just tweaking a few things, I also have a 2nd unpublished blog that I make the changes on first so I don't mess up my actual website!! So yeah, there was lots of random little things like that which really resonated with me. 

Anyway, I think this is the longest book review I've done before, I feel like I could about it for ages! I really recommend this book obviously to people who know she is, or watch a lot of YouTube videos, but also to people who aren't so familiar with this whole YouTube culture, it might help to understand it all a bit better!

 I hope you enjoyed this rather long book review/complete ramble.. if you did, you can check out more book reviews here!

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