Apple Music Launch

iOS 8.4 was released this yesterday, and it's main feature, Apple Music, has just launched so I wanted to share my first impressions of it, while I sit and listen to Beats 1!

So the update was released at 4pm, it was a small update so it installed really quickly.

This is the last update before iOS 9 in a few months, so it wasn't a mostly bug fixes and minor improvements. The main thing was the release of Apple Music! This new music subscription service was announced at WWDC earlier this month, it's basically Apple's equivelant to Spotify. However, in order to get the word out about Apple Music, the first 3 months are free! 

 This is what you see when you first open the app, which is not a new app, it's just replaced the old music app. In order to access the music, you need to choose a membership plan to access the free trial.
However, you don't need a subscription to listen to the new radio station. Apple released they're new 24 hour radio station called Beats 1, which is broadcasting live from London, New York and LA. The broadcast didn't start until 1 after the update released, but you could hear some ambient music they had playing until the 5pm launch!

Beats 1 officially launched at 5pm, with Zane Lowe who introduced the first song ever being played, which was actually a band from Manchester, so that was really cool!

So going back to Apple Music,  this is what the app looks like when you have started your trial. You get instant access to all the latest music. 

You can see all genres, or you can scroll through certain genres and see what's new there.

The other cool feature I was excited to see was Connect. When you click on Connect, you can see all the latest news, photos and videos from all of the people you follow. This is something that I'm really excited about and I'm sure it will just get better over time!

So that was just a quick overview of Apple Music, it's still very new so there's still a lot to explore, but I'm really enjoying it so far! I've been finding lots of artists to follow and every so often I check over to see what's happening on Beats 1! One thing I really love about Beats 1 is that they always show the name of the artist and song title so if you hear something you like, you can check it out instantly! 

Have you downloaded Apple Music?? Let me know your thoughts!!
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