27th-28th June 2015 Weekend Recap #2

Happy Monday! It's time for another weekend recap! This weekend, we drove to Bristol to visit my grandparents. My grandma has a broken shoulder so my mum went down to spend a week to help out. my grandparents also have a dog, called Clara, so we so excited for Bruno to finally meet her! It was a long drive to Bristol, the longest drive Bruno has been on! We took him out for a nice long walk in the morning before we left, and we broke up the journey with toilet breaks so he actually just slept the whole time!

We finally arrived in Bristol and introduced the dogs to each other, we took them both for a walk and soon as we let them off their leads, they started running around and playing straight away!

We took them back to my grandparents house and they spent the entire afternoon playing in the garden, it was so nice to see them get on so well! Bruno likes to jump up to say hello to people, but because my grandma's got a broken shoulder, Clara growled at him when he went to jump up, but after that they were fine, she was just setting the boundaries for him!

We eventually left mum in Bristol, said goodbye to Clara and my grandparents and headed back to Manchester. Sunday was a chilled out day. Bruno was happy to be back in his field! We ended the day by watching Monsters Inc!

I hope you enjoyed this weekend recap! What did you get up to this weekend??
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