20th-21st June 2015 Weekend Recap #1

Today I'm starting another new series on my blog! Instead of doing My Week In Photos, I'm replacing it with a recap of the weekend. The reason for this is the My Week In Photos posts, were all recaps of the FMS Photo Challenge photos from Instagram, however, I found that there were a lot of days I missed for various reasons, and so it wasn't making for particularly good blog post material! So, I've decided to start the week with a recap of the weekend. I blog Monday to Friday so I thought it would be fun to share the weekends too! Each weekend will be different too, depending on what I'm doing, so there'll be the relaxing at home blog posts, or the day outs, trips etc. So I'm starting that today, recapping Father's Day Weekend!


This weekend was the first weekend with my Apple Watch, so I spent a lot of time playing with it this weekend, getting to know the interface and just seeing what's what!

We took Bruno out for his morning walk and when we came back, he jumped up to his new favourite place to sit, on my knee looking out my bedroom window!

At 3.30pm, we went out again for his afternoon walk!

We had a lazy afternoon after that. Bruno had a nice long sleep, while I played La Noire on Xbox!

The evening ended with a really nice evening walk, it had been raining all afternoon but the sun came out in the evening so it was really nice and warm!


Sunday was Father's Day! I spent so long trying to get Bruno's paw print on a card for my dad but I ended up just drawing around his paw instead!

We took Bruno out for his regular walks, in the afternoon, he made friends with a huge great dane! He was massive, but he was the softest friendliest giant ever!

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing, Bruno came back to his window seat to spy on some cats. For dinner we had one of my favourite meals - curry!

After dinner, we lost internet connection for a while, so I played some more Xbox for a while. When it finally came back, I began work on my blog posts for the week, while Bruno got comfy in bed!

So that concludes my first weekend recap blog! I hope you enjoyed this post! What did you get up to this weekend??

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