My Day In Photos: A Sunny Day With Bruno!

So I wanted to try something different for today's blog post. I've done lots of My Week in Photos but yesterday, I thought it might be fun to do just one day in photos. So yesterday, I took photos all throughout the day just documenting what I was doing. I thought it might be a fun idea so let's get into it!

9.30am - Wake up call!

Bruno jumps up every morning to wake me up.

10am - First walk of the day

I always bring an apple or a banana on my morning walk because we go before breakfast so a piece of fruit is enough to last me until I get home!

It was so hot yesterday morning..

Bruno loved it!

10.30am - Taking a break

When it's hot, it's good to take a break and sit down because Bruno gets tired quicker and don't I want him to get too exhausted!

11am - Breakfast

Now that we're awake, it's time to eat! I usually have either some toast or cereal for breakfast and then have lunch later, but when it's so close to lunch anyway, I just have a bowl of pasta and tuna with a cup of tea.. it's like breakfast and lunch at the same time!

11.30am - Shower!

Since the weather has been really nice the past few days, I decided to break out the shorts! This whole outfit is actually from Primark, including the shoes! I got the sunglasses the other day from Peacocks for £2.50!

1pm - To the shops!

I took a walk over to our local shopping centre to get some treats for Bruno's afternoon walk!

2pm - Workout time

I've got my smart workout ready to go, I like to watch Netflix while I work out to make it more fun!

3pm - Second walk of the day!

Even though it's been really sunny the past few days, it had been raining a lot recently too, so it's nice that Bruno can go and have a cool down in the huge puddles across the field.

5.30pm - Dinner time!

Looks like I forgot to take a picture of Bruno's food, (he had lamb), and I had some pizza!

6.30pm - Playing some xbox

I like to play a bit of xbox in the evening before Bruno's final walk, I'm currently replaying LA Noire, I've actually almost finished it.

7pm - Evening walkies

It was a nice evening and it'd cooled down a lot since the afternoon so I brought Bruno's tennis ball out so he could have a nice run around before bed.

8pm - Blogging and resting!

After his walk, I began work on this blog post while Bruno gets comfy in bed.

10.30pm - Tea and bed!

I've scheduled the blog post for the morning so now it's time for me to get settled for the night! I like to spend my evenings reading blogs and watching some YouTube videos.

And that is it! I hope you enjoyed this different kind of blog post today! It was more of an experiment for myself to see how it would look but I did enjoy it, so maybe I'll do some more on some different days, just as a change every now and then!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, what fun things did you get up to yesterday??

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