Fandom Friday: Characters With My Favorite Fictional Fashion (via @1CuriousWriter)

Happy Fandom Friday! I've been excited about this week's topic since it was announced because I love looking at character inspired outfits on Pinterest and blogs!! Also, this weeks topic was created by Hannah from CuriousWriter so go check her out! So now, here are my top 5 characters with my favourite fictional fashion!

1. Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger inspired outfits on Pinterest are my all time favourite!! 

2. Spencer Hastings


At least 80% of the reason I watch Pretty Little Liars is the outfits! Spencer is my favourite character and she always has the nicest outfits!

3. Sally Sparrow

When I was watching the Don't Blink episode of Doctor Who, all I could think was a) Weeping Angels are terrifying and b) I love Sally's outfit!

4. The Avengers
This may be a bit of a cheat because I'm grouping a load of characters in one but I really love Avengers inspired outfits!

5. Disney Princesses

Again, I'm grouping these together because there isn't just one, I love all of the Disney Princess inspired outfits out there!! I just love how people have taken outfits my favourite childhood characters and made them into modern outfits that I could wear today!!

And that is everything for this week!! I really enjoyed this weeks theme, what are your favourite character inspired outfits??

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