Current Favourites!

I used to do a monthly favourites series here on my blog but I decided to stop because there were some months were my favourites hadn't really changed. However, I do really enjoy reading favourites posts so I decided instead, I'd do a current favourites of things I've been loving recently! This way, it doesn't have to be monthly, I can just do it whenever I have some new favourites! So, here are my current favourite things I've been loving recently!

1. LA Noire

I've been playing Xbox a lot recently and my favourite game is LA Noire. I played it ages ago when it first came out and actually completed it, however I decided to replay it since it's been a while and I love it!

2. Game of Thrones

I've been really behind on season 5 of Game of Thrones so I've recently been having a catch up and it's turing into a really great season!

3. Nutella

This is a random one but I've been having Nutella for breakfast everyday and I love it!

4. The Grace Helbig Show

So, one of my favourite YouTubers, Grace Helbig, has been given her own TV show and it's hilarious! If you've seen her YouTube channel then you'll know what to expect from the show!

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is a show I came across on Netflix with Adam Samberg, who works in a police force as ridiculous but talented detective. It's such a funny show, I really hope they make a new season!

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Another Netflix show, this is a new show that's only just had it's first season but it is so funny! Jimmy Schmidt has been rescued from a doomsday cult, where she's been trapped underground for years, and starts a new life in New York. It's another hilarious show and I really hope they make more!

7. E45 Hand cream

This is a really great hand cream, it makes my hands so soft, it doesn't stay greasy on my hands for ages, it's just the best hand cream!

8. 7 Minute Workout

This is my daily workout app, it makes working out so easy no matter your fitness level!

So they are my current favourite things I've been loving at the moment! What are some things you've been loving recently??

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