Apple Watch Unboxing!

I know this is a really late blog post for today but my Apple Watch arrived today so I've been busy setting it up and editing the unboxing video that I filmed this morning! I've finally finished doing all of that and I'm so excited to show you my new Apple Watch!!

So, as you can see from the picture above, I got the 38mm Apple Watch Sport with the pink band. In classic Apple fashion, the watch came in a nice simple white box.

At first, it looks a bit weird because it's quite a long box, but when you open it, the watch is nicely laid out flat inside a hard case.

It's made of alluminium so it is really light, it only has 1 button on the side, and a digital crown which  is the main control on the watch. 

I took this photo after I set up the watch, there are various ways to customise the watch face, I changed the colours to match the band.

The watch fastens with a small attachment that goes in one of the holes, and there's a slot on the opposite strap to hide any excess so it's not flapping all over the place! It also comes with a spare strap in a larger size just incase!

So now for the actual unboxing! I filmed this at around 11am this morning, I had just gotten ready to take my dog, Bruno, for a walk when the postman turned up so I filmed my unboxing immediately! This is actually the first unboxing video I've ever made and I really enjoyed it so here it is!

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This Apple Watch is a birthday present from my dad so I also want to add a massive thank you to him, it's no secret that we both love Apple so it's always really exciting for both of us when Apple come out with something new!! Thank's dad!! :D

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