Fandom Friday: 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows

Hello and welcome to this weeks Fandom Friday! This weeks theme is all about the most binge worthy tv shows!

1. Family Guy

Family Guy is one of my favourite shows ever, I never get bored of watching it! I always put it on while I'm having lunch or dinner, I just love it!

2. Doctor Who

If I want to watch something on Netflix but I don't know what, I usually end up watching Doctor Who. Especially the David Tennant seasons, I've watched through so many times!


I am SO excited for some new Sherlock episodes! Every BBC iPlayer will start re-showing it from season 1 and I have to watch through all 3 seasons because I love it!

4. Friends

I LOVE Friends! It's another one of my all time favourite shows. When I was at university, I binge watched this show so many times, it never stops being funny.

5. New Girl

I've only just recently got into this show, I remember watching the first episode when it started and I was not into it. Now, it's been a few seasons so after watching a few more episodes, I got really into so I've been binge watching that a lot lately!

And they are my top 5 most binge worthy shows! What are some shows that you love to binge on??

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