App Addict: Fave Fitness Apps!

I've been on a bit of a fitness kick recently, so today I thought I'd share my current favourite fitness apps!

1. 7 Minute Workout

This has become my every day workout app. I love this app because what it does is it gives you a quick 7min workout, no matter your current fitness level, and then you can connect it to your Health app, and will use the data to calculate a Smart Workout, just for you based on your current fitness level. You can choose to include a warm up and a cool down too, so my current Smart Workout, is about 10mins every day, it shows my progression every day, at the end of every workout, I can rate how it felt on a scale of relaxed - exhausted! The idea is the more you work at it, the easier the exercises will become, so it will slowly raise the difficulty as you progress. It's really easy to do, you have a complete step by step guide to every exercise, with a visual demonstration, so all you need is at least 10 mins out of your day but by the end of it, your heart will be racing!

2. Health

I spoke about this in a separate post recently, so I won't go into to much detail. But, I really love this app for tracking my daily activity, including my steps, how far I've walked and how long I've worked out for.

3. Map My Dog Walk

This is another tracking app, if you use Map My Walk, Map My Run or Map My Cycle.. it's basically the exact same as those! I can track my daily dog walks, see how far I've walked and the time it's taken me to walk so far. I can also save my routes and search for other dog friendly routes nearby.

4. iDrated

Finally, this app just monitors my water intake, with notifications to remind me when I need to drink!

So they are my current favourite fitness apps! What apps do you like to use??

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