Tuesday Blog Tips: Best Places To Share Your Content


For today's Tuesday Blog Tips, I wanted to talk about sharing content. There are so many different social media platforms you can use to attract readers so I wanted to share my top 5!
1. Twitter

This is the most obvious one but it's also the easiest. With the right hashtags and the right photo to go with it, you can attract lots of readers, especially if you're a part of a blog link up, for example Fandom Friday, using the hashtags can help people find your blog really easily.

2. Pinterest

I've talked about this lots before but Pinterest is one of my all time favourite social media platforms for bringing in readers. Instead of lots of link spam, sharing nice high quality photos is a much more effective way of catching someones attention!

3. Google +

Another platform I've talked a lot about! Google + is great for targeting specific target audiences, for example other photographers, other filmmakers, other book enthusiasts. Google + is really great for sharing your content with the relevant audience.

4. Facebook

I've recently set up a Facebook page for my blog, and so far it's been really handy for bringing in new readers. Having people like a Facebook page is a really great way of creating regular readers, you can share your latest blog posts, as well as Instagram photos, YouTube videos, or just posting a status and starting conversations. If you're not into Facebook pages, you could also join some groups, similar to Google +, you can find other bloggers and readers with similar interests that you can share your posts with.

5. Bloglovin

Finally, another obvious one, but every blog needs to be on Bloglovin! It's the easiest way for readers to follow your blog and save their favourite posts. It doesn't matter whether you're on Blogger or Wordpress, if you're on Bloglovin, anyone can follow along and keep up to date with your latest blog posts!

What are your favourite and most effective social media platforms for sharing content??
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