Through The Lens: Inspiring Instagrammers!

There are so many different ways to find photography inspiration, for me it's Instagram! I LOVE Instagram so today, I thought I would share my favourite creative Instagrammers!

1. Fatmumslim (@fatmumslim)

This is the Instagrammer/blogger behind the FMS Photo A Day challenge which I regularly take part in! Not only does she inspire me to take creative photos every day, but her own photos are so beautiful! She has a really fun, simplistic style in her photography and she always manages to capture colour so nicely!

2. Matt Crump (@mattcrump)

Speaking of colour, this guy is the champion when it comes to colourful photos! He calls himself a "candy coloured minimalist", which is the perfect description of his photos!

3. Dianne Elizabeth (@diannnnneee)

I really love the way this Instagrammer manages to capture her general daily life. Even though what she's photographing is just her day to day lifestyle, you can see the amount of thought and detail that's gone into every photo, whether it's composition, lighting, the way it's edited, I just love her photography style!

4. Laura (@circleofpines)

This Instagrammer/blogger takes really nice outside photographs! I really love nature and her photos beautifully capture everything I enjoy about being outside!

5. Lisa (@lisa.kerner)

Her photos have a similar feeling to @cityofpines', they a very cosy feel to them because not only is capturing the views, she is also capturing the experience.

6. Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths)

Moving to a slightly different photography style now, this Instagrammer takes really pretty photos around Paris. If you like Paris in general, you're going to love this Instagram account. The reason I love this account is because of the way she photographs architecture, she has a really unique way of photographing buildings.

7. The Future Kept (@thefuturekept)

This is actually a company Instagram account but their photos have a very minimalistic style to them which I really love!

8. Dana Fox (@wonderforest)

Another blogger who also makes really pretty iPhone wallpapers! I love her Instagram photos, she has a very specific style, it's minimalistic but all her photos have the same colour scheme running through them so her profile looks so pretty and clean! I love the idea of having the same look because you can see how it defines her photography style.

9.  The Sunday Chapter (@thesundaychapter)

Another blogger! This lifestyle blogger uses her Instagram not just to promote her blog posts but also to capture her daily life through simple but vibrant photographs.

10. Laura Chernikoff (@laurachernikoff)

This Instagrammer is the guest manager of Vidcon and she also has a blog which I love to read. If you look at her blog, you'll know what to expect from her Instagram photos. They compliment each other so well, her photos are so simple but they have such an elegant style.

So they are my top 10 most inspiring Instagrammers! I hope this blog post has inspired you to take more photos, or maybe just found some new people to follow!

Who are your favourite people to follow on Instagram??

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