Spring Cleaning Week Day 5: Digital Clutter

Welcome to the final day of Spring Cleaning Week! Today, I'm moving away from room organisation and talking about digital clutter. This includes everything from clearing out hard drives, to getting rid of junk emails!
If your computer desktop looks anything like mine, it's time to sort it out and organise your files! It's a big task but once you've freed up all that hard drive space, your computer is going to look a lot better. Here's some tips that help me declutter my digital life!


Delete old files - Starting with your desktop, go through and delete any files you don't need anymore.

Rename files - When you find a file that you want to keep, rename it so you can find it again later.

Check last opened - If you're note sure on whether or not to delete something, check the last time you opened it!

I have opened this file in 7 months so clearly I don't need to keep it!

Software Update - Once you've made lots of space on your computer, make sure it's updated to the latest software. This was a big one for me as I've been trying to upgrade to Yosemite ever since it came out. Now that I've cleaned out my hard drive and organised all my files, I can finally install Yosemite successfully.


Empty junk folders - My spam/junk folder is always filling up without me even realising it, but the best thing to do is every so often, delete everything in there because you'll save a lot of space!

Empty trash - When you delete an email, it goes into the trash inbox, but if you empty the trash, you'll free up a lot of space.

Unsubscribe! - This is a really annoying one for me! Whether you've given an email address to sign up for a new app or used it for shopping online, there's bound to be lots of subscription newsletters clogging up your inbox. They're so hard to escape, even though I make sure I've selected not to receive newsletters, I still get roped into them by somewhere! The best thing to do is whenever you receive an email newsletter that you're not interested in, unsubscribe straight away so you don't get another, instead of spending a day just going through emails one by one to unsubscribe to lots of newsletters!


Check the capacity - One thing I always like to do is check how much capacity my iPhone/iPad has available, and then see what's taking up the most space.

Delete apps - Get rid of any apps that you don't use anymore, those games you played once after you downloaded and that social media app that never took off!

 Sync photos - I take a lot of photos and videos on my iPhone so every so often, I connect my phone to my computer and save everything from my phone, and then I can delete all my photos.

That concludes the final day Spring Cleaning Week! I hope you find these tips useful! I love spring cleaning, it's just so refreshing once it's all done!

What are your top spring cleaning tips??

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