Spring Cleaning Week Day 4: Shelves and Storage

Welcome to day 4 of my Spring Cleaning Week! Today, I'm going to be talking about clearing out shelves and storage.
Clearing out shelves and storage is always the last step in spring cleaning my room, it's also my least favourite step because I always have so much stuff to go through from stuff I've collected over time! Anyway, here are a few tips that help me get this boring job done quicker!

Open the window as wide as possible - When your going taking things off shelves and digging through storage, there's going to be dust flying everywhere so open your window as wide as possible so your not inhaling lots of dust!

Judge items by how dusty they are - If you find something way under your bed and it's covered in dust and you don't remember the last time you even looked at it, it can't be that important so there's no need in keeping it! As things become less needed in our lives, they tend to end up shoved in boxes, cupboards, under the bed and we never see them again - these are the things we want to throw away first!

You don't need to keep all your magazines - Magazines always clog up my shelves and make them look really messy. After you've finished with your magazine, throw it in the recycling, you don't have to keep it!

If you've finished school, you no longer need your notes - This was a big one for me recently. I threw out every single one of my school books, college notes, university folders, everything! It's a really weird thing to do because you spend so much of your life working hard on all of that work, but once you've finished, you don't need it! It's just been sitting in a box under my bed ever since I graduated. One piece of paper that has my qualification on it is all I have now!

Clear the areas - After you've gone through your storage and your shelves and decided what to keep, take everything off your shelves and clean them with some dust wipes, that way you can put the things you want to keep, back on a nice clean shelf. You may also want to re-arrange your storage now that you have less items.

Hoover - Although the window's open and we've dusted the shelves, some dust is still bound to settle on the floor. So once everything is back in it's place, a good hoover is the best way to finish the job!

What to do with items you're throwing out!

  • Donation/Charity - Whether it's books, dvd's, games, toys - charity shops are always willing to accept donations
  • Skip - The skip is the easiest one for me, it seperates everything from electrical items, paper, recyclable and non recyclable - it's perfect for items you're not sure what to do with!

I hope you find these tips useful! I love spring cleaning, it's just so refreshing once it's all done!
What are your top spring cleaning tips??

Don't forget, Spring Cleaning Week is happening every day on my blog this week until Friday, so here's what's to come:
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