Spring Cleaning Week Day 3: Makeup

Welcome to day 3 of Spring Cleaning Week! Today's post is all about minimising that makeup collection!

I like makeup but not enough to justify the amount of makeup I own. Makeup is something that should be sorted through regularly because over time it can collect bacteria and start to get gross! With my makeup collection, I always wear the same few products and I replace them when they run out, instead of using some of my other products instead. It's a bad habit to get into, which is why I decided to sort through my makeup. Here's how I minimised my collection!

Separate types of products - Make a lipgloss pile, a lipstick pile, an eyeshadow pile, a mascara pile etc, that way you can see exactly what you have and how many of each products you have.

 Dig out the empties - There's always those eyeshadows or mascaras that you know are finished but tell yourself you can still get some out. Just get rid of them, all they're doing is taking up space in your makeup bag.

Get rid of duplicates - It's easy to feel like you need to stock up on products you like but you don't need 5 lipglosses that are all the same colour! Just think about the colours you wear the most, and pick one of each colour. It's okay to have a variety of products but it's pointless if they're all the same!

Don't forget hygiene - Over time, makeup will collect bacteria from your face. Makeup products that have a wand are very prone to this, mascara, lipgloss, any kind of product where you put the wand on your face and then put it back in the tube. Mascara is recommended to be thrown out after 3 months, I'm not sure about lipgloss, but think about a time you may have been ill with a cold for example but still wanted to use makeup. Those germs would transferred back into the products so you don't want to put it back on your face again! 

Once you've filtered out your makeup collection, you want to think about storage. I wanted my makeup to just be able to fit into one bag so I can have it nice and tidy on my shelf when I'm at home, but then easily bring it with me when I'm travelling.

I like this makeup bag because it has a separate compartment with a pop up mirror, which is really handy when travelling. I also like to store my brushes in here so I don't have to dig through my makeup to find them.

It zips up nicely into a compact, portable makeup bag.

I applied my method of cleaning out my makeup, to my nail polish collection.

I sorted out the types of nail polish, bold colours, bright colours, neutrals, glittery etc and I chose the colours that I liked the most and kept one of each. I got rid of the empty bottles and the ones that had just dried up completely.

What to do with the makeup/nail polish your throwing out!
If your not sure what to do with the makeup/nail polish you've decided not to keep, you can take them to the skip. The skip has everything categorised from recyclable waste, garden waste, electricals, to general non recyclable waste, so you can easily find the best skip to use!

I hope you find these tips useful! I love spring cleaning, it's just so refreshing once it's all done!
What are your top spring cleaning tips??

Don't forget, Spring Cleaning Week is happening every day on my blog this week until Friday, so here's what's to come:
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