Spring Cleaning Week Day 2: Shoes

Welcome to day 2 of my Spring Cleaning Week! In this post, I'm going to be sharing tips about how I minimised my shoe collection!

I love shoes and I have a hard time parting with them, even I only ever wear the same couple of pairs! In theory, it is nice to have a decent sized shoe collection but in reality, they just take up lots of space, it looks messy and they get in the way! So I sorted through my bundle of shoes at the bottom of my wardrobe and here's how I created a practical shoe collection!

Take everything out the wardrobe - I said this for the clothing in yesterday's post but I'll say it again here. Just take all of your shoes out of the wardrobe (or wherever you keep your shoes!) and only put back the ones you really need.

Remember bad experiences - If you look at any of your shoes and remember a time you were out wearing them and they destroyed your feet, get rid of them! Don't keep shoes that hurt your feet, when you buy new shoes, shop for comfort before style!

Organise by seasons and occasions - One mistake I've made in the past is just picking out my favourite shoes and then throwing the rest away. The best thing to do find a pair of shoes that best fits a certain season or occasion. For example, in the UK, it rains a lot, so I need one good pair of waterproof shoes that are comfortable and still in good condition. So I found my best pair of boots and put them back in my wardrobe. So then I thought about some casual shoes, I walk a lot on a day to day basis but I don't want to be wearing boots all the time. I found 2 pairs of casual trainers that were perfect for this occasion, one of which were my Skechers, which I also wear sometimes to walk the dog in! Next, I needed to find some shoes that would be suitable for a smart/formal occasion, so I picked out my best flat shoes and put them back in the wardrobe. I then looked for a pair of shoes that would be good for going out in/party shoes. I chose one simple, smart pair of black heels and then a more casual pair of heels. Finally, I looked at my summer shoes. I had lots of flip flops and sandals but most of them were either falling apart, didn't fit anymore or just weren't comfortable. In the end, I chose one nice pair of sandals that would go with any kind of summery outfit and one good pair of flip flops! Finally, after we've now prioritised our shoes, we can look at favourite shoes, check on the condition, and then put them back! So for me it was my Converse and Ugg Boots!

Be brutal! - I hate getting rid of shoes but it needs to be done! No matter how much you love a pair of shoes, if they are showing any signs of falling apart that can't be solved by getting them re-healed, then throw them out!

What to do with the shoes your throwing out!
If your not sure what to do with the clothes you've decided not to keep, there's various places you could take them, such as:

  • Shoes recycling bank
  • Donation
  • Sell them online - provided they're in good condition (people don't mind if there's a few scuffs as long as you make it clear before the sale)

I hope you find these tips useful! I love spring cleaning, it's just so refreshing once it's all done!
What are your top spring cleaning tips??

Don't forget, Spring Cleaning Week is happening every day on my blog this week until Friday, so here's what's to come:
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