Spring Cleaning Week Day 1: Clothes

So this week my blog is going to be a bit different than usual, all week long I'm going to be doing a spring cleaning series. Every day I'm going to be sharing some tips for cleaning different areas, based on my own spring cleaning I've been doing -  starting with clothes!

My wardrobe always gets so messy, mainly due to it being overcrowded with too many hangers, making it really annoying to get clothes off the rail, so they end up just being shoved in. My wardrobes actually on it's last legs so before I get a new one, I wanted to go through the old one and see what improvements I could make. Here's how I managed to shrink down my wardrobe!

Start with a tidy room - You don't want to miss the clothes on the floor or in a corner of the room, you want a clean workspace so you can see everything clearly.

Take everything out the wardrobe - This may seem tedious, especially if you have a huge wardrobe, but I found that I'm more likely to leave an item of clothing if it's already hanging up, whereas if pull it out, it makes it harder to justify keeping it.

Don't do laundry - It's easy to think that "if it's in the laundry, I obviously wear it", but sometimes you'l find an item of clothing, maybe a T-shirt or a pair of tights or socks, that's gotten ripped during the day and you've put it back in the laundry. Just take everything out so you can really think about each item of clothing, then afterwards, the clothes that are left to be kept can go back in the laundry.

Pick out your favourite items of clothing first - I found it really useful to look back at the clothes I wear the most, I think about my kind of 'style' and work from there. I try to break it down as much as possible into key categories: summer, winter, smart, casual and I also have my "clothes I don't mind getting dirty while walking the dog" category! So then, I just choose my favourite items of clothing that fit into each of those categories.

When was the last time you wore it? - It is really easy to hold on to clothes for a long time because you "might wear it one day", when realistically, it just ends up staying in your wardrobe collecting dusting. Be ruthless, if you haven't worn it in the last year or 2 - throw it away!

Is it damaged/how long will it last? - Any item of clothing that has even the slightest tear, just get rid of it, the tear will only get bigger over time. I have a bad habit of keeping clothes that are ripped, just because I really like them. If it's damaged, just throw it out! Also, if it doesn't even fit anymore, get rid of it!

Going through a phase! - Every so often, we all go through phases with our clothes, whether it be a certain style of clothes, a certain colour etc. But then eventually, you grow out of that phase and stop wearing those clothes, those are the clothes you want to get rid of because they're the clothes that you'll say you will wear one day, but never do!

What to do with the clothes your throwing out!
If your not sure what to do with the clothes you've decided not to keep, there's various places you could take them, such as:

  • Clothes recycling bank
  • Donation
  • Sell them online - provided they're in good condition (people don't mind if there's a few scuffs or a button missing etc, as long as you make it clear before the sale)

I hope you find these tips useful! I love spring cleaning, it's just so refreshing once it's all done!
What are your top spring cleaning tips??

Don't forget, Spring Cleaning Week is happening every day on my blog this week until Friday, so here's what's to come:
Day 2: Shoes
Day 3: Makeup
Day 4: Shelving and Storage
Day 5: Digital Clutter

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