New Video Series & Bruno's First Time Off His Lead!

Today, I would like to introduce you to my new video series over on YouTube, called 5 Minute Month!
So I realised recently that I haven't made any videos in 2015 yet! So, I got the idea to film a couple of seconds of my day throughout each month, and edit into a 5 minute video, meaning that there will be a new video at the end of every month on my YouTube channel, which has been a bit neglected recently!

Today, I finally finished editing the first video in this series, so here is my first ever 5 Minute Month of March 2015!

In other fun news today, it's been 4 weeks since we adopted Bruno, which meant that today was the day he was finally able to come off his lead! It was so exciting to see him finally be able to run as far and as fast as he wanted. I had to make a separate video for this so here it is! Unfortunately the frame rate is a bit off - just one of the issues with filming on different devices that have different frame rates, trying to find the right export setting is challenging! I had the same problem with my graduation video! Anyway, if you mind the frame rate, here is Bruno's first off lead experience!

 I hope you enjoyed these videos, If you did, you can see more by subscribing to my YouTube channel!

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