Fandom Friday (on a Saturday): Games I Love Playing

Hello, welcome to my belated Fandom Friday! I was going to post this yesterday but I completely forgot! This weeks theme was games I love playing, I don't play a lot of games, I just play the same games all the time! So here are my top 5 favourite games!

1. Mario Kart

Mario Kart is my all time favourite game! I'm currently playing Mario Kart 7 on my 3DS!

2. Animal Crossing New Leaf

Another 3DS game! I'm so addicted to this game, I get really addicted to games that you have invest a lot of time into!

3. Family Guy Quest For Stuff

This is one of those 'freemium games', where you have to rebuild Quahog and unlock all the characters. All the characters have different jobs they have to do in order to get different things. It's really fun because it has all the Family Guy humour in the game, and every so often there'll be limited edition characters that you can unlock, they recently added Benedict Cumberbatch to the game! After the death of Leonard Nimoy, they're currently having a special Star Trek Event.

4. Simpsons Tapped Out

This game is essentially the same as the Family Guy one, but with The Simpsons, this one was out a while before the Family Guy one. Homer accidentally destroys Springfield with nuclear waste, so you have to rebuild Springfield, unlock all the characters and help them complete their jobs.

5. Lego Harry Potter

I love this game!! I completed on the Wii when it first came out but now I'm playing it on my iPad. It's so much fun, Lego and Harry Potter is the perfect combination!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Fandom Friday (on a Saturday)! What are your favourite games to play??

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