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Today I wanted to do something slightly different and introduce a new mini feature, called Currently Listening, where whenever I discover something I love listening to, I'll share it on my blog! I've currently been obsessed with podcasts so today I wanted to share my current favourite podcasts!

1. Ear Biscuits

Rhett and Link are my favourite YouTube comedians. As well has having a daily web show, Good Mythical Morning, they also have a weekly podcast called Ear Biscuits, where they interview "interesting people from the internet". They've interviewed lots of the most popular YouTubers, including some of my favourites, John Green, Hank Green, iJustine and Shay Carl. They talk about how they get started in their creative careers, how they ended up where they are, and it's just a lot of really cool interesting conversations.

Listen: iTunes / Soundcloud 

2. Not Too Deep

This podcast is a lot more obscure, if you know Grace Helbig from her YouTube channel, then you'll know her sense of humour! She also interviews other YouTubers, but her questions are all hilarious silly questions and hypotheticals. The podcast also has a video section which is linked to her YouTube channel.

Listen: iTunes / Soundcloud

3. Comedy Bang Bang

This is a podcast by comedian Scott Aukerman, who has random conversations with other comedians and comedic actors. It's very random conversation mixed with improv sketches, it's so ridiculous but it's very funny! It's also been made into a TV show aswell with different famous guests each week, combined with comedians who make up characters as guests too.

Listen: Earwolf / iTunes Soundcloud

4. Happy Sad Confused

This podcast is similar to Ear Biscuits, but it's like the Hollywood version! Josh Horrowitz talks to lots of big name actors, in a casual style interview. My favourite episode is the Daniel Radcliffe one!

Listen: iTunes / Soundcloud

5. Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

Finally, another interview podcast, however this one is a video podcast. Kevin Pollak interviews of lots of big name actors, in a slightly more serious interview, although it still has some comedy in it here and there. Some are more funny than others depending on the guest! But I like this one because it's video so you can actually watch the interview instead of just listening to it.

Listen/Watch: iTunes / YouTube / Earwolf

So, that's what I'm currently listening to! What are you currently listening to? Do you have any favourite podcasts??

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