5 Minute Month ~ April 2015

I recently announced a new video series called 5 Minute Month, which started in March, after I decided to film a few seconds of every day of the month. Well, today is the final day of April so I have a new 5 Minute Month to share with you!

April was a fun month. We passed 1 month of having our dog Bruno, we let him off his lead for the first. My dad and I went and tried on the new Apple Watch and my brother and I, went to see the new Avengers film! My brother also celebrated his 19th birthday! And we had lots of really hot weather, which of course ended in lots of rain!

So, here is my 5 Minute Month video for April 2015!

5 Minute Month ~ March 2015

I hope you enjoyed this recap of the month! If you liked the video, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I have lots more!

What are some highlights from your month??

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