New Family Member!

You may have seen last week, I said that we were getting a new dog. Yesterday was the day we got to bring him home! He's all settled now so I thought I'd introduce him.

This is Bruno! He is a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrior. We got him from the RSPCA in Macclesfield, after they found him abandoned with no food or water. He was at the RSPCA for about 4/5 weeks before we found him so he's looking a lot healthier than he did when he was first found, although he's still slightly underweight. However he is continuing to gain weight so he should be at his right size in no time. He is an absolutely lovely dog, he's very well behaved and friendly. We've been taking him outside every couple of hours so he can go to the toilet and so far there hasn't been any accidents in the house. He's very friendly and he's really well behaved. He doesn't pull on his lead on walks, when you stop, he'll stop and wait and if there's a group of you, he'll keep checking to make sure everyone's together. He doesn't bark or try and bite other dogs or people, the most he's done so far is just growl at a dog he saw across the road but he's not vicious at all. 

When we picked him from Macclesfield, we had to drive back to Manchester and he's fine in the car, he just lay on his blanket chilling, looking out the window. 

When we first brought him home, he was obviously very excited so he ran around the house for a while, checking out all the rooms, having a sniff around etc. Eventually,  he settled down and got himself comfortable. Last night was the first night he slept in the house, his bed is in my room so when I went to bed, I got him to lie in his bed but he tried a couple of times to get into my bed. After he gave up trying, he lay on the floor next to my bed, so I went and got his blanket so he could lie on that, so he slept there for a while and then eventually went back to his bed. 

He then slept throughout the whole night, he only woke up once at 4.30am and I told him it was too early so he went back to bed and woke up again just after 7. I gave him some breakfast and then took him on his walk at 8am. He get's 3 walks a day, morning, afternoon and in the evening. So far, he's been really great with everything. He's such a happy little dog, he loves being with people and he's a great addition to our family! 

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