Life Lately: Adopting A Dog

Back in November, I did a Life Lately post, where I just wrote an impromptu chat style post, and I've been a bit quite on my blog and on social media recently so I thought I would write an update on what's going on!

As the title of this blog says, we are adopting a dog! This is a really exciting thing for me because I love dogs and I've wanted one for ages. We had one a long time ago but that was when I was like 5 so it's been a while! He/she'll be living at home with the family but he will be my dog. I'll be looking after him the most - feeding him, cleaning up after him/her, taking him/her out for walks etc.

We started looking for dogs on Saturday, when we went to Cheshire Dogs Home, where we had a look around at what kinds of dogs they had and also to have a look at how the adoption process actually works. Almost all of the dogs at Cheshire were Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier Crosses. We were a bit unsure of them because you hear that they're bred to be fighting dogs so they can become dangerous. However, on Sunday, we went to Pets At Home, where they have a RSPCA section, and we spoke to a woman there who said they're actually really loyal and safe dogs, especially Staffie Crosses, but they're only dangerous if they're brought up that way. So this was interesting news to hear and it opened our minds more about what kinds of dogs we can look at. So after that, I spent the past couple of days looking through dogs online on the Dogs Trust, RSPCA Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Oldham and Macclesfield, and making calls to all those places asking about different dogs, trying to arrange meetings and finding out how their adoption process works. Obviously, the process is different for every place, but the idea is the same. In Cheshire, it was just a case of, if everyone in the house comes down, find a dog you like and they'll take the dog out of the kennels to a compound where you can meet them properly and see how they interact with everyone. If everything goes well, you fill out a couple of forms, pay the adoption fee and then you're done. When I spoke to a woman from the Dogs Trust, she said that they're process is you come down to your local rehoming centre and if you've seen a dog online you can ask to see them, or if you're just looking, you tell them what kind of dog you're looking for and they show you dogs based on their recommendations. If you like the dog, they'll arrange a meet and greet for everyone in the family so you can meet the dog properly, take them out on a walk and see how that goes. Then The Dogs Trust will send someone to look at your house to make sure it's suitable for the dog, mainly making sure the garden is big enough for the dog and the fences are high enough. If that goes well, they arrange an interview so they can make sure that you're right for the dog and capable enough to look after them. Finally, you are invited to an adoption talk, where they fill you with information before you sign the papers and pay the adoption fee. The Dogs Trust say that their process between seeing a dog and taking them home is about 8 days. The adoption fee is different depending on where you adopt from, but the places I've looked at have ranged between £100 - £150.

On Monday, I phoned up the RSPCA in Macclesfield to ask if I could arrange to visit a dog I'd been looking at on their website. Their phone lines were too busy so I left them a message and then sent them an email too. Yesterday morning, I received an email from a woman from the RSPCA saying she'll ring me to talk about the dog. And so she did, I asked her if I could come down and have a look, what's the adoption process etc. She said that we first have to fill in a questionnaire, which asks questions about who lives in the house, have you had pets before etc. If  they're happy with everything, then they'll organise a day for us to go to the kennels and meet the dog. After that, they'll send someone to come and have a look at the house and the garden, if they're happy, we can then sign the papers and pay the adoption fee.

So where are we in this process? Well last night, we filled in and sent off our questionnaire, so we're just waiting to here back from that, if they're happy we can arrange to visit the dog, who's in a private boarding kennel so we can't stop by any time. I won't post a picture of the dog because it'll be sad if we don't get him/her! Plus, I think it'll be more fun to show pictures of the dog once we've actually adopted!

It's an exciting process but at the same time you need to be patient.. I've still spent most of my day so far refreshing emails though!

I hope you enjoyed this random update! I look forward to sharing more updates! Also, if you have any experience/advice on adopting a dog, please let me know!
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