Fandom Friday: My Fictional BFF's

Happy Fandom Friday! I know it's been a while since my last post, but I a huge surprise Saturday blog post tomorrow where I have lots to talk about! Today however, is Fandom Friday!
Today's theme is fictional BFF's, and there are so many fictional characters I'd love to be best friends with, however, here are my top 5!

1. Harry Potter

I may as well get the most obvious one out of the way!

2. Sherlock

He may be a little annoying at times but I'd still love to be best friends with him!

3. Andy Dwyer

He's just so ridiculous but he'd be so fun to hang out with all day!

4. The 10th Doctor

I'd love to be friends with any of the doctor's but 10 is my favourite!

5. Phil Dunphy

Is it weird that I want to be friends with the dad from Modern Family? He's so funny though!

And that is everything for this week's Fandom Friday! Who would your fictional best friends be??
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